2 Poems for 2morrow

In Preparation for my Family 2 party 2morrow night I decided to write 2 poems.

Two Love

2day is the day 2 celebrate all 2s

I’m writing a poem, you can 2 if you choose

2morrow’s 2 late, 2sday is here

So go 2t your 2ba 2 toast this great year

It’s the 2nd month and 22nd day

Of 2022 and it’s time 2 play

Do things all2gether silly or witty

Like Catch 22 from this silly ditty

It’s Margarita Day 2, so go grab a drink

Let’s find our 2 Love or get help with a link

Carpe Dee

The second poem is one where I started with an existing song and rewrote the lyrics. The original lyrics are from Jay-Z’s 22 Two’s. I’ll refrain from doing an imitation of Jay-Z in CarpeDee attire (though that might be fun, come to think of it..)

My changes are in caps:

Too many DO GOODERS MARG DRINKIN’, and too many NERDIES on a mission

Doin’ our best CARPE-DEE rendition

Too many LOUD CELEBRATORS, I got my suspicions

That you’re just a fish in a pool of sharks PEOPLE, listen

Too many FLAMINGOS wanna be DOVES, so if you a BIRD

I’ma call you a BIRD, too many BIRDS CAN’T FLY

Too many GOODIES give these NEGGIES too many chances

Too many WINERS wannabe lovers don’t know what romance is

Too many PSEUDOHEROES TRYIN’ too many sexual DANCES

No question, CARPE-DEE got too many answers

I been around this block, too many times

Rocked, too many rhymes, MOCKED, too many MIMES, too

To all my FOLLOWERS it ain’t too late to come together

Cause too much JOY and too much love, equal forever

I don’t follow any guidelines cause too many NERDIES ride mine

So I change JAY-Zs every two rhymes, ha, what the HECK

That’s twenty two too’s for y’all SUPERNERDOS out there, YAKNOWWHATIMEAN?

Shall I continue? Check it out, what?

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