From Books to Spanish Conversation Class: Rediscovering the Library

Manatee County Central Library in downtown Bradenton, Florida

I have always been a lover of libraries. Yup, I was that nerdy kid that went to the library at recess. Nothing made me happier than books!

Then computers came along, and I loved those even more than books! With the advent of social media, we could literally befriend authors! (If they were alive, that is.)

Thanks to the digital age and the Libby app, I didn’t even have to physically go to the library in order to check out books. I marvel at how, no matter where I am in the world, I can instantly check out eBooks and audiobooks!

With all the convenience of the digital age, I hadn’t really even thought about physically going to the library this winter while I was in Bradenton, Florida. That is, until I found out Spanish Conversation classes were being hosted there!

Spanish Conversation Classes at Manatee County Central Library

Spanish Conversation Class with Ginette

Wow! Did you know that high quality classes were being held at the library for free? I’ve been exploring 55+ communities, wishing for a chance to experience clubs and classes, and here was an opportunity right under my nose!

I love, love, love this Spanish Conversation Class that’s held Tuesday mornings at the Central Library. I’ve been volunteering at the Manatee Literacy Council and the dynamic teacher of this class, Ginett, is one of the advanced learners at MLC! How exciting to see her here helping people learn Spanish!

Ginett makes every Spanish Conversation Class fun. The first class I attended, we broke up into groups and did some role playing, as though we were in a restaurant. Ginett had provided actual food to be served! The class was not only a good opportunity to practice Spanish, but also to get in a little Improv play, and to meet fellow-Spanish-learners.

Classes and Events and Even Things

Spanish Conversation was just one of many free classes that were offered at the library! A very popular Country Line Dancing class is held every Friday in the Auditorium.

You can even borrow things, like cake pans, binoculars, and musical instruments.

Lifetime Access to the Library

Partners in Enlightenment Sculpture
Manatee Sculpture
Book Art!

Besides all the wonderful books, classes, events, and things you can borrow, the library is just a really cool place to be. It’s like a museum, with sculptures and fun art in every corner.

Could all of this really be free, even for snowbirds? I verified that even non-residents could take advantage of many of the library’s services. However, for a $100 donation, I’d have life-time access of all of the library’s services! Perfect!

Throughout my life, as a student, an employee, a mother, a book-lover, I’ve spent time in libraries. Maybe it’s now, post-pandemic, as a retired person, that I’m realizing how valuable it is for me to physically be inside a library. Being around stacks of books brings back that same joy I felt as a kid. It’s my happy place.

Whether you’re yearning for community, a good story, a class, or just a place to sit and reflect for awhile, check out your local library. Like me, you may rediscover your happy place.

Thank you to all those at The Library Foundation of Manatee County and to the Friends of Central Library Manatee County for your valuable services!

H-Weeks: Happiness, Hygge, and Haikus

Hello, Humans. H-Weeks have been a Hoot as we’ve paid Homage to the letter H. (Here’s a History of my 2024 goal.) Let me give you some Highlights from H-Weeks.


Manatee Literacy Council‘s Open House! “Bee” Happy!

Happiness is the H-Weeks Headliner.

On the Home Page of, you’ll find a wHole lot of other Happy Sites including:

Happiness is such a Habit that I entered the Helsinki Happiness Hacks competition earlier this month. I’m Hoping to Head to Helsinki and learn from Happiness Heroes. However, we can learn from the world’s Happiest country, even from Home.

There are Hundreds of Happiness Hacks: Heart-Healthy Hiking, Helping Hands, Hugs, Hula-Hoops, Honey, Hootenanny Hoedowns, Hearts, Hunks, Horny Hanky panky! Hang on… Hold your Horses. Holy cow and Heavens to Betsy!

This post is Hurriedly going to Hell in a Handbasket! Haha. Are you laughing Hysterically like a Hyena? I admit in all Humility, that my Humor is Hilarious. Or perhaps Humiliating. Hurrying on…

Hygge and Happy Hours

I’ve Had several Happy Hours in the past two weeks, including at the Home of the Hugely Hospitable Hostess, Felicia!

Felicia Has the superpowers of Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home. Her Home Heralded Hygge in every corner and Hallway. The key, I believe, comes from Her Huge Heart.

Happy Hour Hosted for the release of Brain Bitch

I also attended a Happy Hour Hosted by Terri in Honor of Brain Bitch, How I Quiet my Inner Mean Girl. Congratulations to the author, Jenny Greene, and Terri, who Helped throughout the writing process. Highly recommended book.


It turns out International Haiku Poetry Day falls during H-Weeks on April 17! (Hooray for Hardly-Heard-of Holidays!)

I Hit up the Carpe Diem Connections Community and they Handed over Halcyon Haikus.

Honestly, the Haikus were Heartwarming. I Hesitate to repost without permission, so I’ll Humbly only offer my own Here:

Happiness Heyday!

Hearing Heartfelt Honesty.

Heidi’s Haikus; Hugs!

Hey now, Hey now, Don’t say it’s over…

I Heart H-Weeks, Naples, FL.

I know we Hate to Hail out H-weeks with all those Happy, Hygge Hearts and Hugs. If it Helps, Imagine the Ice cream that’s coming up In I-Weeks!

Seizing the Solar Eclipse: A Joyful Adventure in Austin with Felicia

Watching the Eclipse April 8, 2024
Watching the Eclipse April 8, 2024 in Austin

Solar Eclipse: An Epic Carpe Diem Experience

Were you one of those people who had been waiting for April 8th, 2024 since 2017? I missed “totality” at the last eclipse and was told by all my friends who’d experienced it that it was “Totality Cool!”

Now, mostly-retired, and the owner of Carpe Diem Day, I was not about to miss the great Solar Eclipse of 2024! I, along with millions, was eager to experience the full totality experience!

Even better than the solar eclipse, was that I was hosted by the most hospitable friend ever, Felicia! Felicia lives in Leander, TX, a suburb of Austin. While other viewers were spending beaucoup bucks on overpriced lodging, I was getting a priceless 5-star spa experience with a generous, fun, welcoming girlfriend!

Felicia serving empanadas to friends and family on National Empanada Day

The celebration started with a delicious lunch for friends and family. Without even knowing that April 8th is National Empanada Day, Felicia served her homemade empanadas! She’s an amazing cook and, obviously, has some kind of super-human powers. She’s like the Greek Goddess Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home. (Very appropriate since we’re in H-Weeks. More to come in upcoming H-Weeks blog post!)

Despite cloudy forecast, we see the eclipse throughout the afternoon!
High tech and low tech viewing options!

The forecast had been 80-100% cloud coverage for Austin during the time of the eclipse, so I’d been prepared for a less-than-ideal viewing. As is often the case with these celestial events (or outdoor weddings), clouds or rain can be a major disappointment. As Alanis Morissette would say, “Isn’t it ironic?”

The flip side of that is, “Isn’t it amazing?” when the bad thing you expect, doesn’t happen? Still ironic, I guess, but in a positive way! I already knew that whatever the visibility would be, it would be a fun and memorable experience, but extra-special that the clouds parted throughout the day and during the couple of minutes of totality to give us all that “Wow!!” experience!

Walking & Wildflowers

Felicia and I amongst the bluebonnets

As a long-time student of Happiness, I know that two things that bump up my mood are walking and wildflowers! Add to that gorgeous weather and a good friend, and it’s the recipe for a perfect day!

The bluebonnets were out in full force – such a gorgeous indigo color. We saw them on our hikes in Leander and at Brushy Creek Lake Park.

But the real “Wow” factor with the Wildflowers was another serendipitous experience. When the LBJ Museum happened to be closed for construction, we stumbled upon the most beautiful wildflower drive ever: Willow City Loop!

I really wasn’t able to capture the extent of the beauty with my camera. All I can say is that we were absolutely hitting this beautiful haven at its peak!

Downtown Austin

Outside Austin’s Capital Building

Another one of my goals had been to visit every state capital. Even though this has been a rather dormant goal, my daughter-in-law had told me that I’d love Austin, so I was excited to have the opportunity to explore downtown with Felicia!

There a beautiful riverwalk with scenic bridges, parks, and skyscrapers in the background.

Austin River Walk

I absolutely LOVED the Austin library which seemed more like a museum than a library! There as an Art Gallery and Innovation Lab and even a Gift Shop!

Many “stories” in the Austin Library

There were many stories (I’m talking about floors!) with stairs throughout the building leading up, eventually, to a rooftop garden. Each floor was filled with artsy architecture and colorful designs. I could’ve easily spent the whole day exploring that magnificent library! I felt like a kid in a candy store!

Loved sampling the colorful unusual chairs!

“Keep Austin Weird” is Austin’s unofficial motto which is meant to be a call to support local businesses and indie efforts. The city does have a very unique and artsy charm to it that’s right up my alley.

Felicia’s Hospitality

I met Felicia first, along with Eva and Georgette, through my good friend, Becky. We went on a Bird-Watching microadventure together in 2022.

Felicia has always been one to make me feel so welcome with her genuine warm smiles and openness. She’s such a joy to be around, easily laughing and sharing her stories and wisdom.

Felicia (Goddess of Hearth and Home) has so many decorative touches in her home that I was going around taking pictures of everything from the soap to the vases, to the big, comfortable bed to the outdoor bathtub filled with flowers. Her home could be in any House Beautiful magazine.

But beyond the beauty of her home, Felicia has a gift in how she makes others feel. Her generosity and welcoming smile generate an immediate trust… someone you’d be ready to share your deepest secrets with.

A True Carpe Diem Experience!

Austin State Capital Building

In the end, my journey to witness the solar eclipse and explore Austin with Felicia was nothing short of magical. From the awe-inspiring sight of totality to the charming streets of downtown Austin, every moment was filled with a sense of joy and adventure.

I am deeply grateful to Felicia for her warmth, generosity, and friendship, which made this experience truly unforgettable. As I reflect on this visit, I’m reminded once again of the importance of seizing the day and celebrating the connections we make along the way. Here’s to embracing life’s moments, both big and small, with open arms and grateful hearts. Carpe diem!

Come join the discussion!

Share your own Solar Eclipse experiences or favorite “Carpe Diem” moments in the comments below or on the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Page!

An Epic Thanksgiving Gathering

Highlights of the Mesa/Moab Thankgiving Trip

An Epic Thanksgiving Gathering

I’ve always been enamored by big family gatherings. And what’s the holiday that’s most known for big family gatherings? Thanksgiving, of course!

This year, the Thanksgiving dinner attendance was a record 26-people with representation from every decade. We had the babies, the kids, the teens, the young adults, the parents, and (the category that I fell into), the “elders.”

My son-in-law’s mother, Lynn, and her sister, Rebecca (aka “Lolly”) skillfully planned this extended family 4-day outing. They even created a multi-page brochure describing our luxury retreat accommodations, activities, and hiking options!

Rebecca (Lolly) and David (Pops) hosted the traditional feast on Thanksgiving Day at their gorgeous Mesa home. On Friday, the crowd went on to Moab, UT for the weekend for more hiking, feasting, and family bonding.

When I was a kid, I always envisioned being the matriarch of big holiday dinners. As it turns out, it is SO much less stressful to be a guest, rather than the host!

The years that I did host it was usually for 8 people for an afternoon, not 26 people for 4 days! I was so busy worrying about cooking and helping everyone find whatever they needed, that I barely had time to just enjoy myself.

In this case, the whole adventure was extremely well-planned and executed! The fact that it seemed seamless and smooth tells me just how much work was being done by a lot of unsung heroes. The planners worked hard at preparing all the meals and making sure everyone was happy and comfortable.

There was a lot of laughter, games, eating, playing, and family bonding as if everyone all jumped out of a Norman Rockwell scene.

Since I’ve retired, I’ve become much more aware of the importance of social connection. Between the Covid years and the family moves and changes, family gatherings are something I especially treasure.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

I know it was a lot of work to create such a successful weekend and I’m so appreciative to all of those who worked so hard. Though I’m sure there are a lot of people I’m not mentioning, here are some of the people and things I’m grateful for:

  • Scotty, for making the trip from Virginia to join us and be my hiking buddy.
  • Lolly and Lynn, for planning such an extraordinary holiday.
  • Lolly and Pops for opening up their home to all of us and providing so much food, warmth, and love.
  • Whitney, for all the food planning and preparing many of the meals throughout the weekend.
  • Megan and Chris, for inviting Scotty and me, and sharing rooms with us.
  • The gorgeous scenery we all enjoyed while hiking.
  • The way so many people pitched in with food preparation, clean-up, and helping each other.
  • The thoughtful conversations and the chance to get to know each other on a deeper level.
    • The fun of being around babies and little children.
    • Being with my grandchildren and seeing them interact with their cousins and extended family.
    • Reneya’s creative Turkey Cupcakes.
    • The glow-stick dance party!
    • Steve’s expertly prepared cafe lattes each morning.
    • Scotty’s driving throughout the weekend.
    • Everyone in attendance for their friendliness and thoughtfulness.

This will definitely be a Thanksgiving to remember!

Carpe Diem Day Superhero: Carpe Dee O’M

Carpe Diem Day Superhero: Dee O’Malley

Carpe Diem Day Superhero

Carpe Diem Day is coming up this week and in that spirit, I’d like to honor Carpe “Dee O’M” (aka Dee O’Malley) as this year’s honored recipient of the much acclaimed Carpe Diem Day Superhero Award!

The last time I picked a Carpe Diem Award Winner it was Carpe “Lee M.”! Lee donated her late husband’s book collection to a Rehab and Nursing Center.

The original Carpe Diem Day was inspired by Craig Dunham, who lost his life to ALS in 2010. His initials, CD, along with his “live life fully” attitude are what prompted me to pick “Carpe Diem” as my mantra.

What do each of these three Carpe Diem inspirations have in common besides living life fully?


Yes, each of these three Carpe Diem Superheroes have earned admiration from me, not just because of living life fully, but because they do so (or did so), despite challenge, grief, and hardships.

Dee, at age 88, was told she only had a couple of months left to live and was put on hospice care. That was almost 2 years ago! I wrote a blog post about her then titled:

The Ultimate Adventure Awaits

Dee is not afraid of dying. In fact, she is very much looking forward to, what she calls, the “ultimate adventure.” Dee is also very dynamic, witty, happy, and full of good humor. She looks and acts much younger than her 90 years!

Despite physical ailments, she never complains! She has had falls and broken bones and so many problems that I’m sure doctors are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the super-power is that keeps her alive.

Dee’s Superpowers: Optimism, humor, fearlessness

Could it be that Dee’s longevity is due to her optimism, humor, and lack of fear? According to studies, the less we fear aging and death, the longer we will live healthy, happy lives.

Certainly, that’s not a universal truth as we all know. Many happy, optimistic people, such as Craig, still die young.

And we all die, no matter how optimistic we are. It will be hard for me to accept Dee’s death, even though I know it’s inevitable. Just because she’s accepted it (and even is looking forward to it!) doesn’t mean those of us who love her are in any rush for her to die. Every minute that she’s on this earth is a better minute for those of us who love her.

My Fairy Godmother

Dee, my mother’s best friend, has always referred to herself as my “Fairy Godmother.” She has been close enough to our family that I think of her as a beloved Aunt. I’ve always admired her spunky confidence and fearless attitude. She’s been my “fairy godmother” in life and will continue to be so after she dies.

Now, in this final chapter of her life, she’s still guiding me with her humor and grace. Though I doubt I will be able to show the same good humor when my time comes, I’ll remember that she’ll be wherever I’m going and show me how to live the afterlife to the fullest!

(Of course, given her uncanny super-power, she may out-live me and I’ll just have to hang out with all those other dead people until she joins us.)

February 15, 2024 Update: Another year, and Dee, at age 91, is as witty and vibrant as ever.

3 Blogs and Resources for Single Retirees

Happily single with my granddaughter

Singles are celebrating, too!

Happy Singles Awareness Day! Single retirees: Are we ready to celebrate? Keep reading for resources for single retirees.

Yes, this is the season of Galentine’s Day (Feb.13), Palentine’s Day (also Feb.13), Valentines Day (Feb.14) and Single’s Awareness Day (Feb.15). (And if that’s not enough for you, don’t forget about Carpe Diem Day(Feb.26.)

I spent many of my post-divorce years looking for love. I even wrote a whole book about it, The Laptop Dancer Diaries! In fact, I’ve been blogging since 2005 on my personal blog about relationships and the ups and downs of the single life.

Now, retired and in my early 60’s, I realize I really like being single! Sure, there are great things about being in a relationship, too, so I’m not saying one way is better than the other.

Usually when you search for resources for “singles” you get a bunch of dating sites. This is somewhat irritating to me because it does feel like society views that all singles want to find a partner. However, here are 3 websites with blogs and resources for singles that don’t have to do with finding a partner:

Sites with Resources for Single Retirees

  1. Bella DePaulo – Dr. DePaulo is a writer, speaker, and professor who specializes in the practice and study of the single life. I’ve read some of her work and she is making a difference in changing stereotypical viewpoints about singles.
  2. Living Single in Retirement – This Website has a lot of articles and resources, specifically for older women who may be looking for travel companions or single friends in a similar time of life.
  3. Solo Traveler – This site has some good resources for solo travelers of any age. Since traveling is one of thing many retirees love to do, this site is another great resource for single retirees.

Celebrate love by sending cards

Celebrate love with DIY Cards. This screenshot was taken at the AARP free class: Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Cards and Envelopes, Hawaii 1/31/23

It’s February! That means it’s Carpe Diem Seizin’ – or for you language purists, Carpe Diem Season (I love a good pun!) There are so many February holidays that celebrate love.

We all know about Valentine’s Day, but peek into one of those sites that list all the many, many holidays you never heard of and you’ll find that February also has little-known special days that celebrate love.

Of course, you can celebrate love by sending a card on any of these thousands of holidays, but I’d like to highlight a few of my favorites:

Carpe Diem Day (Feb.26)

Celebrate Love during Carpe Diem Seizin'
Celebrate Love during Carpe Diem Seizin’

That’s right people, Carpe Diem Day is coming up on February 26th, but of course every day is a good day to celebrate! (Note that this Website, was created in honor of CarpeDiemDay!)

I love that Walmart has an option to create your own custom cards with photos! This was such an easy and affordable option! For those of us that have difficulties getting our traditional holiday cards out on time, this is an opportunity to write back to those who sent us holiday cards! I love including photos with memories of the times I spent with the person I’m sending the cards to.

Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb.17)

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Celebrate love with kindness

Not only does kindness spread happiness to all those around us, but it improves our health and longevity!

Letter to an Elder Day (Feb.26)

I love that Letter to an Elder Day is on February 26th! That’s the same day as Carpe Diem Day! This is a NEW special day. But what’s even more cool is that I’ve volunteered for the organization that created this day: Love for our Elders.

As I blogged about before,

Every Day is a Good Day to Celebrate Love

Whether with a card, eCard, text, phone call, smile, song, picture, hug, kiss, or whatever else you can think of, seize this day and show your love.

What’s the Best Gift You Ever Received?

For my 60th Birthday my family and friends gave me National Carpe Diem Day!
A special sign was made and the “Carpe Diem” Fish had the names of the people who had contributed

Freakonomics – No Stupid Questions Podcast

I rarely take the time to respond to podcasts, but it’s January 1, and I’m always motivated to take action in the New Year. Also, I have a great answer to these questions!

What’s the best gift you ever received? Who gave it to you? Why was it so great? If you have an answer to that question, make a voice memo. Use your phone. Just talk nice and directly into the phone, in a quiet place. Tell us your name, and send it to, and we may play it on a future show.

The best gift I ever received is “National Carpe Diem Day”! My friends and family, led by my daughter-in-law, Stella Min, were able to purchase and register National Carpe Diem Day on February 26th, my birthday, in the National Day Archives. The gift came complete with a Registry write-up that still makes me tear up. I was been inspired by my friend, Craig Dunham, who, despite an ALS diagnosis, lived fully until his death in December, 2010. Since then, I’ve spread the message of “Carpe Diem” in his memory.

Since receiving this gift, I’ve created a Website,, and use my blog and social media to try and promote the same kind of Carpe Diem attitude that I learned from Craig.

Note 1: I learned about this No Stupid Questions podcast episode from Stella’s Stellar Recap newsletter!

Note 2: Stella is the most Stellar gift-giver EVER! I have to resist from telling you what she gave me for Christmas… ok, ok, I’ll tell you. I’m getting a photo collage every morning in my inbox of times we spent together.. On Dec.25th, there were 63 days until my 63 birthday, so it’s a 63-to-63 gift!

Boulder: My Happy Place

Boulder is my Happy Place

How fun for me that Downtown Boulder has been celebrating Happiness Happens Month all of August, 2022!

This is so cool for me for many reasons:

  1. Boulder really IS my Happy Place! I love so many things about it! (In fact, it will be hard to limit the length of this blog post. I might have to write an eBook about why Boulder is such a wonderful place.)
  2. I personally know Pamela Gail Johnson, the Founder of Happiness Happens Month. (I’m even quoted in her new book, Practical Happiness!) Pamela has been a great inspiration and mentor for me in my promotion of National Carpe Diem Day!
  3. I’ve lived on the outskirts of Boulder for 22 years but I’m always discovering more. Now that I’m retired, I’ve wanted to learn more about its history and really explore all it has to offer. I also love scavenger hunts and games. The Happiness Happens events gave me the perfect opportunity and appreciate Boulder on a deeper level!

Getting Prepared

I started the month with a trip to one of the Boulder Visitor’s Centers to pick up a lot of great information about Hiking Trails, Pearl Street, History, and Walking Tours.

I also subscribed to the bi-weekly Downtown Boulder newsletter, which is always filled with fun events going on. For example, the email I got this morning told me about these upcoming September, 2022 events:

So much to do in Boulder!!

Here are some of the things I love best about Boulder:

The Hiking

Chautauqua Park – One of my favorite places to hike in Boulder

I do a lot of Boulder hiking! What a great way to get exercise, experience nature, sunshine, and beauty – all things that increase our happiness!

Pearl Street

There are so many wonderful restaurants and stores on the Pearl Street Mall! I once wanted to try and experience every one of them and then I learned there were over 1000 businesses! I love the many unique and local businesses. But one of the things that makes me really happy are all the flowers that line Pearl Street!

The Events

The Tulip Fairy and Elf Festival welcomes Spring to Boulder
Artisans show there wares at Boulder Art shows
More Art at First Fridays in North Boulder
The annual Bolder Boulder 10K race has been a special tradition for me since moving to Boulder in 1999.
The Boulder Band Shell offers up bands and dancing at Memorial Weekend and Labor Day Weekend Festivals, and is a community gathering spot for many events.
Band on the Bricks – Weekly summer outdoor concerts
The Boulder International Film Festival
Mapleton Hill PorchFest

Other Iconic Boulder spots

The Dushanbe Teahouse
Boulder Creek
CU Football games at Folsom Field
The Boulder Library.
Dancing on the patio at St. Julien Hotel and Spa
Dancing at The Avalon Ballroom
Another shot of the Boulder Library!

This is just a sampling of the beauty of Boulder. I didn’t even include pictures of the University, the playhouses, the music venues, the 29th Street Mall, NCAR, the Breweries (I don’t drink beer, but I hear the Breweries are awesome!) I could go on and on.

I think we so often take for granted the beauty in our own back yards. This Happiness Happens month in Boulder has reminded me of how lucky I am to live in one of the most beautiful, cultural, and friendly places in the country.

Microadventures #79 and #80: Celebrating National Ice Cream Month

I’m not usually tempted by ice cream since my internal temperature seems to run lower than everyone else’s. I gotta say, though, even I have been hot lately! Not hot enough to complain about it, but hot enough to want ice cream! Mmmm. Nothing like that soothing, creamy, sweet cool comfort on a hot day.

During these hot summer days, I’d been looking forward to July 17, National Ice Cream Day! I invited my friend, JJ, to join me since he often humors me in celebrating these wacky holidays. I suggested Reis & Irvy’s, this very futuristic looking place in Superior where a robot prepares your frozen yogurt.

Out of Order 🙁

It was quite disappointing that the robots were out of commission.

Luckily, the place next door did have ice cream (the old fashioned type) so we were able to celebrate after all!

Microadventure #79: Celebrating National Ice Cream Day with JJ

But that’s not the end of the celebration!

Darcy, a leader from the Boulder Ramblers, planned a whole ice cream extravaganza Meetup event for July 23! She led a group of walkers all through Boulder to 11 different ice cream shops!

Check out this itinerary:

  • Start – ice cream shop 1: 10:00 am, right when Sweet Cow South Boulder opens. We’ll be the first customers! Stop by and say hi, and maybe even join me for the 3.5-mile hike to Chautauqua Park.
  • Ice cream (or coffee!) stop 2: 11:45 am, Chautauqua General Store. We’ll leave a little after noon for the short (0.8 mile) walk to Sherry’s.
  • Ice cream stop 3: 12:30 pm, Sherry’s Soda Shoppe on The Hill. Join in for the 1-mile walk to Gelato Boy, leaving at 12:50 pm.
  • Ice cream stop 4: 1:15 pm, Gelato Boy on West Pearl St. Take a leisurely stroll with us down Pearl Street to Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs – just 5 minutes away. We’ll leave Gelato Boy at 1:35 or so.
  • Ice cream stops 5 & 6: 1:40 pm, Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs on Pearl St. (I’ll check in at both – choose your favorite!). We’ll leave Ben & Jerry’s at about 2:05 pm for the 15-minute walk to Sweet Cow.
  • Ice cream stop 7: 2:20 pm, Sweet Cow North Broadway in the Community Plaza Shopping Center. Join in for the half-mile walk to our second Gelato Boy stop, leaving at 2:45 pm.
  • Ice cream stop 8: 3:00 pm, Gelato Boy at 14th and Pearl St. This will be a quick tasting stop only – we’ll leave at 3:15 pm for the 1.4-mile walk to 29th St.
  • Ice cream/food stop 9: 3:45 pm, Shake Shack at the 29th St. Mall. We can hang out here for a little break – maybe even a burger and fries! – and some social time. We’ll leave Shake Shack at about 4:15 pm for the quick, 6-minute jaunt over to Ripple.
  • Ice cream/frozen yogurt stop 10: 4:25 pm, Ripple Frozen Yogurt in the King Soopers plaza at 30th & Arapahoe. This would be a great place to come celebrate with us, as we’ll stay as long as people want to socialize! Come ask questions about the Boulder Ramblers, meet and greet, and give high fives to the long-distance walkers!
  • And finally, we’ll walk the last 3.5 miles back to Sweet Cow South Broadway, arriving by about 6:00 pm – but who’s timing at that point? We’ll be so sugar-infused, we might just want to keep going! 😉

Darcy invited people to meet up at any of the stops along the way, so Scotty and I met them at stop 10: Ripple Frozen Yogurt.

Scotty picking out his Frozen Yogurt at Ripple

It was a fun frozen yogurt place that had plenty of flavors and lots of toppings! Yum!

Soon Darcy arrived with her big group of walkers! They’d had a full day of walking and tasting.

Darcy at Stop #10 of the Boulder Rambler Ice Cream Extravaganza Tour
Microadventure #80: Frozen Yogurt at Ripple with the Boulder Ramblers

Even though we didn’t walk with the Boulder Ramblers, Scotty and I had logged about 5 miles of walking on our Randonauting adventure that day, so our frozen yogurt was enjoyed without guilt.

Darcy hadn’t even been aware that July was National Ice Cream Month when she set up such a fun themed event! What a very cool idea for a hot summer day!