H-Weeks: Happiness, Hygge, and Haikus

Hello, Humans. H-Weeks have been a Hoot as we’ve paid Homage to the letter H. (Here’s a History of my 2024 goal.) Let me give you some Highlights from H-Weeks.


Manatee Literacy Council‘s Open House! “Bee” Happy!

Happiness is the H-Weeks Headliner.

On the Home Page of CarpeDiemDay.com, you’ll find a wHole lot of other Happy Sites including:

Happiness is such a Habit that I entered the Helsinki Happiness Hacks competition earlier this month. I’m Hoping to Head to Helsinki and learn from Happiness Heroes. However, we can learn from the world’s Happiest country, even from Home.

There are Hundreds of Happiness Hacks: Heart-Healthy Hiking, Helping Hands, Hugs, Hula-Hoops, Honey, Hootenanny Hoedowns, Hearts, Hunks, Horny Hanky panky! Hang on… Hold your Horses. Holy cow and Heavens to Betsy!

This post is Hurriedly going to Hell in a Handbasket! Haha. Are you laughing Hysterically like a Hyena? I admit in all Humility, that my Humor is Hilarious. Or perhaps Humiliating. Hurrying on…

Hygge and Happy Hours

I’ve Had several Happy Hours in the past two weeks, including at the Home of the Hugely Hospitable Hostess, Felicia!

Felicia Has the superpowers of Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home. Her Home Heralded Hygge in every corner and Hallway. The key, I believe, comes from Her Huge Heart.

Happy Hour Hosted for the release of Brain Bitch

I also attended a Happy Hour Hosted by Terri in Honor of Brain Bitch, How I Quiet my Inner Mean Girl. Congratulations to the author, Jenny Greene, and Terri, who Helped throughout the writing process. Highly recommended book.


It turns out International Haiku Poetry Day falls during H-Weeks on April 17! (Hooray for Hardly-Heard-of Holidays!)

I Hit up the Carpe Diem Connections Community and they Handed over Halcyon Haikus.

Honestly, the Haikus were Heartwarming. I Hesitate to repost without permission, so I’ll Humbly only offer my own Here:

Happiness Heyday!

Hearing Heartfelt Honesty.

Heidi’s Haikus; Hugs!

Hey now, Hey now, Don’t say it’s over…

I Heart H-Weeks, Naples, FL.

I know we Hate to Hail out H-weeks with all those Happy, Hygge Hearts and Hugs. If it Helps, Imagine the Ice cream that’s coming up In I-Weeks!

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