April Gives Day!

I’m a big prankster so my family is always on guard come April Fool’s Day. This year, I sent them an email, telling them that given the circumstances, I was going to “rebrand” April Fools Day to April Gives Day and send them a gift certificate rather than play a prank. This was the “gift certificate” they got! (Though the certificate was meant to be a joke, I AM an awesome virtual party host and would be willing and happy to help anyone host a virtual celebration! Just ask!)

It is a hard year to be playing our usual pranks and jokes, and I do think Giving might be a better goal thank Fooling, but maybe you can do both if you give people something to smile or laugh about.

I’m excited that this is my first blog post on my new CarpeDiemDay site! Now that deserves a virtual celebration!

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