November Learning: iPhone Photography

For the 11th month in my Year of Learning, I decided that iPhone photography would be the topic of my deeper dive.

Learning photography was one of my goals from my 60 until 60 project. This time, I invested in a class by Emil Pakarklis.

My biggest problem is that I had a hard time focusing! And I’m not talking about the camera, but my attention span! Yes, this is the first month that I only executed half the class.

However, thanks to AI, I can give you a quick overview of each of the 5 units:

Emil’s iPhone Photo Academy Highlights:

  1. Cracking the Composition Code: Emil kicked things off by reshaping my perspective on framing shots. Suddenly, the rule of thirds, leading lines, and framing weren’t just jargon—they were the secret sauce to transforming my photos from meh to mesmerizing.
  2. Playing with Light and Shadows: Lighting, my friends, is the unsung hero of photography. Emil spilled the beans on how to use natural light like a pro, whether I was chasing the golden hour glow or dabbling in shadows for a touch of drama.
  3. Editing Secrets Unleashed: Post-processing might sound fancy, but Emil made it feel like a walk in the park. Armed with his editing wisdom, I dove into apps, tweaking colors, adjusting exposure, and making my photos pop like they were on the cover of a fancy magazine.
  4. Flipping Perspectives Like a Pro: Emil dared me to break free from the norm. Forget the standard angles—this guy had me crawling, crouching, and bending like a gymnast to snag shots from unexpected perspectives. It was like seeing the world through a whole new lens.
  5. Joining the Photography Party: Emil’s course came with a built-in VIP pass to a photography community. Sharing tips, getting feedback, and connecting with other photo enthusiasts added a social flair to my learning journey.


Emil Pakarklis and his iPhone Photo Academy have left me wanting to learn more. My casual snaps are becoming works of art, and I’m pumped about the possibilities that lie ahead in my perpetual journey as an iPhone photographer.

Here’s to Emil, November learnings, and the magic of capturing life, one iPhone pic at a time! 📸✨

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