Microadventure #6: Bird-Watching at Oscar Scherer State Park

This week’s microadventure has been every bit as much about the “who” as the “what” and “where.”  Yes, bird-watching at Oscar Scherer State Park was a new, unique experience for me. I’d never really been exposed to the world of bird-watching, and Eva is quite a serious birder! It was interesting for me to learn about the “Big Year Challenge” in which birders find and log as many different species of birds in a particular area during a year.  That kind of thing is SO up my alley.

On this hike, we were in hot pursuit of the Florida scrub-jay, which, unfortunately, we were not able to find. 

Though we didn’t find the illusive jay, Eva still captured some worthy bird photographs. She recently started a new business, evasbirdsiview.com with her wonderful bird photography captured on shirts and greeting cards.  She even gifted me with the pretty pick-me-up Pelican greeting card. 

As I said, though, this microadventure, was extra special because of the women who I shared it with. Becky had invited a group of girlfriends, Eva, Felicia, and Georgette, to spend the weekend with her. These ladies have known each other and been close for over 50 years, though they’ve been geographically scattered.  Eva and Felicia are cousins and they are all as close (or closer) than sisters and their love and support for one another is apparent.

They all share a love of singing and I enjoyed an evening of untethered joy on the first night of their reunion as Eva and Becky got out their guitars and sang together. 

On that first night, Becky’s sister, Susie, joined the reunion, singing harmony.

But the highlight of the weekend was hearing and recording a song that Georgette and written long ago, “Any Way She Can” and she and Eva had put to music. The lyrics of this unique love song are a powerful testament to the long-time love and friendship that all these women share.  Eva’s daughter is in the music business, so I hope she’s able to get this in front of the right people. Both the music and lyrics are enough to make me tear up whenever I hear it.

So, again, this week’s microadventure was much more than a hike in a park..  it was about being accepted and welcomed into a special sisterhood weekend, giving me a peek into the lives of these unique, talented women who have gone “any place, anywhere, any way they can!”