A-Weeks: Alphabet Assists

Annual Accountability

An Annual Activity of mine is to come up with some kind of yearly theme to help inspire my blog posts. In 2022, it was A Year of Microadventures and in 2023, it was A Year of Learning. These themes and blog posts help me stay Accountable to whatever goals I’m trying to Achieve for the year.

One of my favorite projects was my 2004 Alphabet Year of Adventures. It was the year after my divorce, and Scotty, my 9-year-old, was All Aboard! We had so many Adventures, created an Awesome Album and the fun helped transform An Awful year into something Absolutely Amazing.

I tried to recreate the magic in 2012 with my “Alphabet Dating” project. As the Boulder Dating Advisor writing for Examiner.Com, I Authored each Article with Adept Alliteration.

(Alas, All Examiner.Com Articles were lost when Examiner.Com went bankrupt.)

St. Augustine Adventure

Here we are in 2024, 20 years after my original Alphabet Adventure Year, and I thought it might be fun to try it Again. Especially since my initial Adventure was to St. Augustine.

Amiga Eva in St. Augustine
Abbey and Amazing Patsy (Age 90!)

Alphabet Assists As Prompts

Using the letters of the Alphabet are good prompts for Almost Any Art.

Find An ‘A’ in nature

Another Activity I found Amusing was to Accumulate An Assortment of A-Foods.

Assortment of A-Foods

Additionally, I Assembled A-ingredients for An Ambrosial Apple Appetizer

Allouette and Aged Swiss, Apples, and blue Agave

I was Able to make some Adjustments to the original Apple Appetizer recipe to optimize the A-ingredients.


I like trying out new cafés and coffee shops and I discovered Atria Cafe in neighboring Lakewood Ranch, thanks to the A-prompt.

Discovering Atria Cafe

Additionally, I used Alphabet Prompts in my Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group, Asking subscribers to post pictures of Animals, Arts, and Adventures.


I wish I could say this experiment earned an A, but it did not. Awwww.

Although this Assignment was Amusing, there was a feeling of Already been there, Already done that. I enjoyed the Activities but my heart Ached in doing them Alone. I suppose being an Adult with no Animated child Along takes Away a lot of the Allure.

The Alliteration seems to be more of An Annoying Attribute than An Attractive one. I think we can say Adios to Alphabet-Inspired Alliterated Blog Posts.

I probably most enjoyed seeing the Facebook posts of Adventures, Animals, Arts And “Anything” (A reminder from a Subscriber that “Anything” Goes!)

I’ll probably continue using the Alphabet to Assist in Facebook Audience participation Anyway. Anything is Always better when shared.

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