May Learnings: AARP Benefits Badass Contest and Videography

This month has been busy and productive! Unfortunately, I’ve gotten out of my weekly blog postings habit. However, since it’s the last day of May, I wanted to give an update to my AARP Benefits Badass Challenge.

I entered my contest submission two days ahead of the deadline:

AARP Benefits Badass Contest Entry

Given that there are thousands of entries and I’m a newbie at videography, I have no expectations that I’ll make it into the top 25, but I learned a lot this month, which was my real goal.

AARP Benefits

I discovered how valuable my AARP Membership really is! There were many more benefits than I realized!

As I mention in my submission, the AARP Staying Sharp benefit is my favorite and includes so much that it was tough to describe even that one benefit in 2 minutes!

The other benefit I discovered was the AARP Virtual Community Center. Every single day there are live classes – dance classes, cooking classes, virtual travel classes, exercise classes, etc., all for free!


The other skill that I learned was making movies using the iMovie and Canva tools. Both of these tools were free, though I did upgrade Canva for the month to check out some of its cool features.

I’d already taken a class in iMovie, but needed to review a lot of the features. I still have some trouble with text additions with iMovie, but I enjoyed playing with layering and some of the different templates. Here’s a quick “trailer” I made at the beginning of the month:

Quick AARP Benefits Movie made with iMovie


The other thing I’d planned to do this month was to become a “Grandinfluencer”– a kind of edgy way of saying an older person who influences others with social media.

I’d thought about starting a new season of my Carpe Diem Connections podcast and even created a recording about AARP Benefits. However, when I got to the editing process, I was reminded of how much time and effort it takes to create a podcast episode. It was distracting me from my main task: learning videography skills!

Overall, I feel good about learning more about movie-making and all the great benefits that are available to me as an AARP member!

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