May Goal: Learn to be an AARP Benefits Badass!

Becky renews AARP Membership thanks to my work as a AARP Benefits Badass

The Year of Learning in Retirement

2023 is my year of learning. Each month, I pick a new “focus” or theme and write a blog post at the end of the month with a summary of what I learned. Learning these subjects is a little bit different when we’re in retirement. We don’t feel the pressure that comes from cramming for finals or stressing about grades. At this time of life, learning is all for the pleasure that comes from continuous growth.

I haven’t picked all my monthly learning topics in advance. There are so many classes I’d like to take, and every month I find more! May was going to be Poker until I got wind of the AARP Benefits Badass Competition. Oh yeah! That is so up my alley!

Do you know where you can find SO MANY resources for learning in retirement? AARP: The American Association for Retired People!

What I’ll Need to Learn to be an AARP Benefits Badass

To enter this competition, I’ll need to create a video (no longer than 2 minutes) about AARP Benefits, specifically the AARP Social Mission Benefits. Holy cow! There are a LOT of AARP Benefits! I don’t know if I could even read that list in 2 minutes! And that doesn’t even cover all the AARP Commercial Benefits.

Judging will be in two phases with these criteria:

Phase 1. (Top 25 are picked to go to Phase 2)

  • Charisma (33%); 
  • Quality of Video (34%); and 
  • Creativity (33%)

Phase 2

  • Public Appeal (10%);  
  • Charisma (30%);
  • Quality of Video (30%); and 
  • Creativity (30%)

Given that I have very little video-making experience, the chances of me even getting noticed are slim. However, competitions are always a perfect motivator for me to learn. They act as an “assignment” in this school of life and I love a good challenge.

The deadline to submit the video is May 29th so I have about 4 weeks. Here are some of the skills and apps I’m going to focus on learning:

  • Creating Short form Videos
  • iMovie
  • Canva
  • Audiojungle or Free Music Archive
  • Becoming a GrandInfluencer with charisma and creativity!

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