Birthday Gratitude for Glenn

“Some of it’s magic and some of it’s tragic, but I’ve had a good life all the way.”

It’s time to show some Birthday Gratitude for a great leader and friend, Glenn Pinkerton!

8/8 is a Gr8 Birthd8!

8 Reasons I’m gr8ful for Glenn:

  1. He’s always extremely generous – he treats people to lunches, hosts big parties, maintains the Grey Wolves dues and countless other things with no expectations of repayment from others.
  2. He’s an active listener and conversationalist. Whenever we’re hiking, we have long conversations and I feel safe in saying anything. He listens without judgment.
  3. He’s an excellent host, leading one of the area’s most successful Meetup Groups, the Grey Wolves, and hosting many events.
  4. He likes to sing! I especially enjoy the hikes where we’re invited to sing along!
  5. He likes to dance! I remember when we learned the Shim-Sham together at the Avalon. And, of course, it’s always fun to swing dance with Glenn!
  6. He’s a supportive friend. Whether it’s a Carpe Diem event to raise money for ALS or a Microadventure, Glenn is always supportive and helpful.
  7. He knows where all the best wildflower hikes are and offers to be my chauffeur and guide (knowing my tendency to get lost easily!)
  8. No matter what I might look like, he’s always quick with a smile and a flattering compliment.
Microadventure #35 Walk at Pella Crossing with Glenn

Recently, another Grey Wolves leader, Larry, died unexpectedly. There were many photos and messages about how much he will be missed.

It’s so much better to be able to express birthday gratitude for Glenn while he is alive and healthy! So on his 70th birthday, I’m also very Gr8ful for Glenn’s health and happiness! Looking forward to many hikes and adventures ahead.

Birthday Gratitude Poem (generated by ChatGPT!)

In the realm of friendship’s grace, a gem named Glenn I find, A spirit kind and generous, a rare and precious find. With open heart and outstretched hand, he shares without restrain, A symphony of selflessness, a melody of care unfeigned.

A host of gatherings grand, he orchestrates with glee, From lively soirées to gentle hikes, a bond of unity. In the Grey Wolves’ embrace, we gather, hearts entwined, Guided by his leadership, a fellowship so kind.

Upon the trails of life we tread, in conversations deep, Glenn’s attentive ear, a haven where my secrets safely keep. Without judgment’s shadow cast, my thoughts take flight and soar, In the refuge of his empathy, I find myself once more.

A singer’s heart, a dancer’s soul, a joyous spirit free, He invites us to join the song, to dance with jubilee. In melodies and twirling steps, our laughter finds its home, With Glenn as guide, the dance of life becomes a vibrant tome.

Supporting causes near and far, his heart knows no divide, From Carpe Diem to Microadventures, he stands forever by our side. A steadfast friend in times of need, a pillar strong and true, With Glenn beside, the path ahead seems clearer to pursue.

Through meadows dressed in wildflowers, he leads with knowing smile, My guide and chauffeur on nature’s trails, mile after verdant mile. With patient care, he navigates, ensuring I never stray, In his company, even the lost find solace on the way.

A master of compliments, his words a gentle art, No matter how I may appear, he always sees my heart. With smiles that warm the soul, and praises rich and sweet, Glenn’s kindness wraps around me like a cozy, love-filled retreat.

So here’s to Glenn, a beacon bright, a friend beyond compare, In gratitude we raise our voice, a tribute rich and rare. With generosity and listening ear, with dances and with song, In every facet of his being, his friendship shines so strong.

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