E-Weeks: Elderberries, Escape Room, Ego and Engagement

Even though I initially felt a sense of Ennui about my alphabet-inspired Endeavors, thEEse wEEks have been EEsy. Sure, it’s a bit Embarrassing that it’s such an Elementary Exercise, but without Exception, I Encounter some Enigmatic Energy that I’ll try to Explain.

The Elderberries

Entertaining Elderberries

E-Weeks began on February 26, which was also Carpe Diem Day and my 64th birthday! I Entertained the “Elderberries” (a very Educated, Enthusiastic and Encouraging group of Elders).

They came bearing Edibles (no, not that kind) and Enchanting and Esoteric gifts fitting of my Eccentric and Eclectic tastes.

An Example! (Flamingos and Flip-Flops Fitting For F-Weeks!)

I was Enamored with Everything they brought and Excited by the Eeezy-going Energy of these Erudite women.

Escape Room Experience

Intense Escape

Besides these Exasperating blog posts, my goal has been to Emulate my 2004 Experience and have at least one Excursion related to the celebrated letter.

An Escape Room would be perfect for E-Weeks, but Escape Rooms are not Entertaining when you go alone. I challenged myself to Exit my comfort zone and invite someone.

I got my chance when Steve, who I’d met on the cruise , offered to take me out to Eat. He accepted my invitation to join me Early for an Escape Room Experience.

We picked the “Buried Alive” Experience, which was a bit Eerie because we were Enclosed in adjoining caskets. There was an Emergency button in case we needed to Exit Early, but we Endured and Escaped on our own.

The Enlightened Ego

I was also Excited to buy and start “The Enlightened Ego” by Kelly Beninga.

I bought the E-Book version and I’m listening via the Alexa app on my walks. Enlightenment, Ego, and Emotions are all topics I Embrace.

I don’t know if you’d call it an Existential crisis, but I’ve been Examining my life and this was an Excellent opportunity to Explore these topics.

My Eloquent Elderberry friend writes:

Ego Evolution! Existential Explanations Exhort Everyone to Enjoy Everlasting Equanimity and Eventual Ecstasy.

Elderberry, Becky Burns

Kelly also Emcee’s the “You’re Retiring – Now What?” Events I attend. I Endorse all of his Entrepreneurial Efforts.

Engagement Energy

unEquivocally, the Energy I most Enjoy is the Engagement from others.

Examples from the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook group are Equally Entertaining and Endearing.

The group has talked about the upcoming Eclipse and Eva posted an Extraordinary photo of an Eye of an Enormous Elephant!

I was Elated when VIP contributor, RRG, reminded me that we had yet to mention Easter Eggs!

E is for Easter Eggs

I was Especially Elevated by the Easter Eggs reminder. For one thing, we’re in Easter Season. Easter Eggs are colorful, spiritual treasures and symbols of rebirth and life. And Easter Eggs can also mean hidden puzzles or secret messages.

EGAD – That gave me a burst of the Enigmatic Energy I’ve been trying to Explain.

In the midst of life’s Emotional highs and lows, we’ll Encounter the Easter Eggs that bring us joy. Could this be the Existential Explanation I was searching for? Exalt in the Easter Eggs! They’re Everywhere!

As we End these E’sy Weeks, let’s Envision the next two weeks. F is going to be F’ing Fantastic!

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