Happy Pi Day!


Yay! Today is one of my favorite quirky holidays because I, along with my family, have always been a lover of Math! I have many happy memories of Pi celebrations over the years, which included doing Pi puzzles, eating Pies (Pizza, Chicken Pot Pies, or, of course, just good ol’ fashioned yummy fruit pies), dressing up in Pi Attire, making foods that look like Pi, and, of course.. memorizing digits of Pi!

One of the activities that I think was the most creative was my Pi Poetry in which I (playing the role of Professor Pi) created 3 new types of poems using the number Pi with examples of each. Though I was very impressed with myself, the judges from the comPItition that I’d entered did not even give me an honorable mention. What a PIty!

I still believe I will become famous some day for these creative PI Poems. What do you think?


Derived from Haiku (俳句 high-koo)which uses a 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

Definition: A Poem in which the number of syllables in each line, matches that of PI: 3.1415


What is the


Of Never-ending PI?

It’s irrational.

Iambic Pi-Tamiter

Definition: A poem in which each line has double the syllables and the number of metrical feet as that of PI.

MatheMatical Ratio a Fraction

a Number-Crunching disTracTion

let Go

for You will Never reach SatisFacTion

Pi Sonnet

Definition: a poem of fourteen lines following the rhyming scheme: aaa.bccccbddddd; Typically a love poem.

Diameter, a straight and simple number

Alone and feeling down and umber

In boredom she would simply slumber

[Pointed pause]

But wait!

A number of a different sort

Up front, she finds he’s rather short

Oh, but past the point, there’s no report

of ever reaching an ending port.

It’s fate!

He’s different, yes, not Hex nor Bi.

This irrational number was her guy.

At last she’d found her Sweetie Pi.

And so, she proposed with an excited cry,

“Let’s go full circle and multiply!”

That’s my most creative Pi-Day contribution. This year, I’m just doing the good ol’ fashioned eating some Key Lime Pie!

How about you?

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