I Started a Podcast – Carpe Diem Connections!

My new podcast on Anchor.FM https://anchor.fm/carpediemconnections

I’ve been wanting to create a new podcast for awhile. Thinking it would take a lot of time, I’d been procrastinating, but I found a platform: anchor.fm, which included a podcast named, “I Should Start a Podcast” and it turned out to be super-simple! Of course, I didn’t do anything fancy. I just kept it short and tested out the process and 30 minutes later, I’m a published podcaster!

I love listening to podcasts, more than reading blogs, because I can listen while I’m walking or exercising. One of my favorite podcasts is Optimal Living Daily about Personal Development and Productivity. Justin Malik narrates other blogs about topics I’m interested in, and in the process I’m introduced to a whole bunch of other like-minded people.

One thing I love about this age of social networking is that we can often meet and get to know the people behind our favorite blogs and podcasts. It’s like a whole new dimension of a library – getting to actually meet the authors and thought-leaders who we admire and getting to know them on a personal level!

On my new podcast, I’m hoping to have weekly interviews with people who are themselves writing or speaking about personal productivity, happiness, and living life fully.

Whether or not my podcast takes off, I will get to meet and learn from people I admire which is really cool!

I already have a long list of people I want to interview, including John Lagomarsino who hosted “I Should Start a Podcast” and Justin Malik of Optimal Living Daily.

When my podcast becomes famous you’ll know that it all began today!

What have you been wanting to do? Maybe today is a good day to get started!

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