Hannah Kane talks about Goal Setting on Carpe Diem Connection Podcast

We are on Week 6 of Season 3 on Carpe Diem Connections. This week we are talking about “Direction” (or Goal-setting) which is the 6th Key to Happiness according to the 10 Keys to Happiness on the Action For Happiness Website.

Goal setting is one of my favorite topics and is definitely something that keeps me feeling happy. I use my background as an Agile coach to work in small iterations, celebrate, and improve my skills as I’m accomplish goals.

My guest this week, Hannah Kane, also has a background in Agile, and on this podcast we talk about how we can stay motivated to accomplish our personal goals. Hannah’s unique Scrum Your Wedding site is how we originally met. This is a great example of how we can use an Agile framework in our every day life.

Hannah and I both love themes and play and we talk about how if we make the “journey” of achieving a goal fun, we will stay motivated. In the end the journey is as important as the outcome. Hannah also talks about the importance of anticipation when working towards a goal.

You can find the YouTube video of my discussion with Hannah here.

Come give us your thoughts on goal setting on the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group.

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Travel Souly’s Kelly Bates Talks about Traveling and Happiness

On Season 3 of my Carpe Diem Connections Podcast we’re talking about the 10 Keys of Happiness as outlined on the Action for Happiness Website.

We’ve talked about Giving, Relating, Exercising, Awareness, and this week we’re talking about Trying Out! (The acronym for the 10 Keys spells out GREAT DREAM.)

Trying out is all about trying new experiences, learning new things, and stepping out of your comfort zone. In this episode, I talk to Kelly Bates, owner of the Travel Group, Travel Souly.

When we talk about how “trying out” relates to happiness, Kelly talks about the thrill she gets from surfing, falling and getting back up. As we hear over and over again, happiness is more about the journey than the destination. This is both metaphorical and literal when we talk about travel, but can hold true with just about anything we “try out.”

Even though our travel has been limited in this past year because of Covid, there are a lot of things we can try out.. new experiences with hobbies and skills.. or we can plan with anticipation our next trip, perhaps with Travel Souly!

You can find Kelly and Travel Souly on social media here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/travelsoulyllc Instagram: @travelsoulyllc
LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/travel-souly%E2%84%A2-941170144/

Our full YouTube video is available here.

What are you going to Try Out this week? Join the discussion in the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group!

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Awareness and Mindfulness with &Happiness Host Klaudia Mitura

The thing I like most about hosting my Carpe Diem Connections podcast is the connections I myself make. It’s like a scavenger hunt to find fascinating guests — and I have this great big World Wide Web to look for them.

I hit the jackpot with the guest on my podcast this week, Klaudia Mitura. She’s an award-winning podcaster herself of the popular podcast &Happiness. One morning I asked Alexa to play a Happiness podcast for me and she played this one! Klaudia and her co-host, Kitty Newman use the letters of the alphabet as prompts to do a deeper dive into different types of Happiness. Theme-nut that I am, I was immediately hooked!

It was clear, after listening to a few episodes, that Klaudia knew not only a lot about happiness, but about the science behind our emotions as well. I was thrilled when she agreed to be on my podcast, talking about the 4th Key of Happiness as defined by Action for Happiness: Awareness.

In this episode, I question Klaudia about the practice of meditation. Being a bit of a skeptic and a person who definitely does not want to spend time thinking about nothing but my breath, I’ve been slow to fully embrace meditation, despite its constant recommendations in happiness literature. Listening to Klaudia about her thoughts and explanations was enlightening.

We also talk a bit about the practice of Emotional Intelligence and practices besides meditation that encourage being present and mindful.

Tune in and let us know what you think on the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group. Or, if you prefer, view the YouTube video of our Zoom interview.

And don’t forget! This month is Carpe Diem Day and I’m hosting contests! Come play!

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Exercise and Happiness with Sarah Schwallier

Sarah Schwallier of Strides Life introduces herself as a nature walking health coach. She has a passion for helping others be their most healthy selves and to achieve their goals, whether that’s to lose weight, build strength, or just to get moving.

In this episode of Carpe Diem Connections, Sarah and I talk about the 3rd Key to Happiness as defined by Action for Happiness: Exercise.

Sarah always adds an element of fun and playfulness to everything she does. I’ve gotten to experience this first-hand as I’ve participated in the Walk2Connect Community where Sarah is a core-coop-owner and leader.

Tune in to the podcast or the YouTube video and find out how you can stay motivated to keep exercising and why that’s so important to both our physical and our mental health!

Then join us on the Carpe Diem Facebook Group and let us know what your favorite type of exercise is.

And then go one step further and join Sarah’s TAG {Kick-Ass Accountability Group}!

Let’s Get Moving for Health and Happiness!

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Relating with Wisdom Witch, Wendy Chalmers Mill

Visit http://thewisdomwitches.com

In Season 3 of Carpe Diem Connections, we’re talking about the 10 Keys of Happiness. This week the theme is “Relating” or… Social Connection.

My guest this week is Wendy Chalmers Mill, a fellow volunteer at Action for Happiness. We met virtually at a volunteer meeting and discovered we have quite a lot in common.

As we chat about in the podcast episode, meeting via a virtual community is a great way to find some new friends during these crazy days. One of the main reasons I even started this podcast is that I knew it would prompt me to meet some like-minded new friends!

I hit the jackpot in my search for the right guest to talk about Relating when I found Wendy. Not only is she the CEO for Positive Performance, but she started a new community The Wisdom Witches, with the very aim of creating a safe space for connecting during the pandemic.

Wendy, a Humanology Expert, along with her fellow wisdom witches Hazel and Kelly, are described on the Wisdom Witches site this way:

“They collectively have over 100 years of experience in guiding and motivating others to become their best selves through improved connection to their own and others’ wisdom and wellbeing.”

Tune into this week’s podcast or the YouTube video to learn more about Wendy and her insights on social connection and her experience with the Wisdom Witches.

How are you fostering social connection these days? Are you the part of any virtual communities?

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A Unique Way of Giving: RedditGifts

This is the card I received when participating in the RedditGifts Card Exchange

Yay! I finally started Season 3 of my Carpe Diem Connections Podcast! This season I’m focusing on the 10 Keys to Happiness as outlined on the Action for Happiness Website.

The first of those 10 keys is Giving. This worked out perfectly because the first guest I wanted to have on Season 3, Kelly Guyon, was someone I “met” because she gave me a beautiful and special Christmas card.

In this episode, we talk about the Reddit Gift Exchange which is a unique way of giving and receiving from someone you don’t know (yet!)

There are a few things that really make this Secret-Santa-like exchange more fun and reliable than what you’d imagine. First, you can find out about your recipient’s tastes through their profile. Second, Reddit steps you through the process including how you can post a photo once you receive your gift. This allows you to publicly thank your thoughtful Secret Santa.

This was the Thank You from the “wine and cheese ornament” that I sent to “Really_Cool_Noodle”
My Glittery Card from Kelly, who is my guest on my Carpe Diem Connections Podcast!

If you want to participate, you don’t have to wait all the way until next Christmas. RedditGifts has a variety of Gift Exchanges throughout the year!

If social media or gift exchanges is not your thing, though, there are lots of ways to give, which has been proven to increase happiness, both for the giver and the receiver!

Smiling, texting, leaving a positive comment, a phone call, or any little acts of kindness will boost happiness.

My full conversation with Kelly is on YouTube or you can listen to it on this podcast episode.

Do you have any stories about a unique gift you gave or received? Come join the discussion on the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group.

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Joy and Technology

Technology (Zoom) let my Mom see all her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren on Easter, 2020.

It’s the end of the year and time to wrap up Season 2 of Carpe Diem Connections and the Joy Makeover. This week Becky Burns and I talk about the Love/Hate Relationship many people have with technology.

Though technology can be frustrating, I’m grateful that it allowed us to have virtual family gatherings throughout the Pandemic.

Ingrid Fetell Lee talks about 6 ways to use technology to cultivate joy and refers to her interview with Pamela Pavliscak, a futurist and designer who embraces a philosophy called positive technology.

With the New Year around the corner, you might want to check out Pamela’s suggestions for a year of positive technology with different themes each month.

The Joyspotters Society Facebook group is another great opportunity to experience social media at its finest. The posts are joyful, kind, and inspiring. So rather than “doomscrolling” why not do some “gleefreshing”? (For other new 2020 words, check out this quiz!)

We wrap up our podcast episode talking about the wonderful communities that are available that spread happiness, including ActionForHappiness.org.

This and other Websites that spread positivity can be found on the home page of this site, CarpeDiemDay.com.

Do you have a favorite Website, social media group, or app? Are there others you’d like featured on CarpeDiemDay.com? Join the discussion on the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group!

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Finding Joy During the Holidays

Let’s face it, this holiday season is tough for many people this year. Even in “normal” years, holidays can be tough because we all want to create this magical feeling – we want to create and experience joy. When we can’t celebrate with the people we’re missing or practice our traditional rituals, we can get frustrated, sad, or just spiral into depression.

In this week’s podcast, Becky Burns and I talk about our holiday experiences and how we hope to find joy during this season.

For those who are grieving:

We recognize that many are experiencing grief.. I mentioned being interviewed by Dr. Patti Ashley in November about grief.

I also want to mention this Webinar about combatting holiday loneliness.

Creating new traditions or celebrating in new ways:

In the podcast, Becky talks about Kwanzaa being celebrated from Dec.26-Jan.1 and how each day represents a theme that we can use as a prompt to take action and find joy and meaning in our lives.

I also mentioned how my friend, Shalini shared her Rangoli art in her Covid-safe celebration of Diwali on the Quiet Value Women forum.

I love learning about new traditions and celebrations and hearing how people are finding joy in creatively celebrating.

Ideas for celebrating:

We usually end our podcast episode with suggestions of how our listeners can find more joy. This week, I’m pulling from Pamela Gail Johnson’s Society of Happy People (SOHP) newsletter:

  • Count your blessings if your healthy enough to breath, eat, and get out of bed — because that’s loving yourself. 
  • Ask someone how they are REALLY doing in a private conversation? Sometimes people are hurting but don’t post it on social media or tell you if you don’t ask. We simply assume they are okay because they appear content or show a happy face.
  • Say kind words to someone — we could all use a little more kindness right now.
  • Watch your religious services online.
  • Spend time in meditation or prayer so you can personally connect with God or your idea of the universal power that’s bigger than you.
  • Be a Secret Santa — bake cookies for a neighbor, drop off a plant, or send someone a card.
  • If you can afford it — donate to a food bank, toy drive, or give a gift card to someone you know is financially challenged.
  • Share one of your signature holiday recipes with those who won’t get to eat that dish at one of your annual gathers so they can still enjoy it. Food is love that nourishes the body and soul. 
  • Look the people in your physical bubble in the eye and TELL them how much you love them. And call or zoom with your family and friends to do the same. One day those will be words they’ll rehear when they need to hear your voice–and there’s no better message than letting someone you love know you love them. 

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Making Room for Joy

How do you make room in your home for Joy? Listen to this week’s episode of Carpe Diem Connections where we are talking about decluttering to make space for the things that bring us the most joy.

On this week’s episode of Carpe Diem Connections, Becky Burns and I continue exploring the link between Joy and our “stuff.”

Last week, we talked about finding more joy in experiences than things. This week in The Joy Makeover , Ingrid Fetell Lee talks to Gretchen Rubin, author of Outer Order, Inner Calm, about decluttering and how that can help us make more space for joy.

Tune in to hear our thoughts about clutter and how we plan to make more space in our homes. Then chime in with some of your own ideas on the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group page.

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Spending Money for Joy

Our topic this week on the Carpe Diem Connections Podcast is about Joy and Money. We’re doing a deeper dive on the topics found from Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Joy Makeover.

The material from the Joy Makeover includes an informative interview with Elizabeth Dunn, author of Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending.

In this season of gift-giving, we’re all hit with decisions about how we’re going to be spending our money.

Tune in to this week’s podcast about Joy and Money to hear some thoughts from my co-host, Becky Burns and me, as we explore our own history with money and spending.

Join us in the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group and share your own thoughts! Are you a spender or a saver? Experiences or things? What were some of your favorite gifts – both those you gave and those you received?

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