Microadventure #37: The Dr. Seuss Experience with Diego and Reneya

Diego, Me, and Reneya with The Cat in the Hat at the Dr. Seuss Experience

Every May, my daughter and son-in-law take a getaway trip to celebrate their wedding Anniversary and I get some quality time with my two grandkids, Diego (almost 13) and Reneya (almost 11).

When I saw that an immersive “Dr. Seuss Experience” was open in Centennial, I thought that might be a fun microadventure for us to do together. I was a little concerned that they may feel like they had outgrown Dr. Seuss (they’re much more interested in Harry Potter and Star Wars these days).

The description said it was fun for all ages, so I took a chance. Reneya, who’s going to be in the musical, Seussical, this summer was on board, but Diego was not exactly jumping up and down with excitement about the suggestion. I was probably the most excited and happy to have a chance to wear Seuss-like attire.

It turns out, we all agreed, the experience surpassed all of our expectations.

The experience was creative and colorful and… just magical! It was whimsy at its best!

There were several different rooms representing different Dr. Seuss books. Each of them created this surreal feeling of stepping into an imaginary world filled with the curious characters and scenes created by Dr. Seuss.

Ah! A chance to be tall!

There were lights and illusions throughout the whole experience. I especially liked this artistic display full of black cut-outs of Seuss characters and objects.

However when you stand in the designated “Stand Here” spot and look at the display, THIS is what you see!

Here’s what really generated the “That is SO COOL!” comments from the kids:

We were all surprised when this Cat in the Hat had an actual conversation with us! He clearly was not a live person and so at first we thought whatever he was saying was a recording. When it became clear that he could see and hear us (somehow!) we were amazed!

If you love creativity, color, and the magic of Dr. Seuss, you’ll love this at any age!

Will you like it, young or old?
Yes you'll like it, shy or bold.
You will like it, you will see!
You will like it, just trust me!

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