Microadventure #94: Red Feather Lakes Retreat with Jill, Cathy, Shari, and Sonja

Me, Shari, Sonja, Jill, and Cathy

My friend, Jill, has a beautiful second home which she refers to as her “cabin.” I put the word “cabin” in quotes because cabins are usually small and her house is more like a luxury vacation home!

Jill generously invited our whole GGG (Girls Gathering Greatly) group to enjoy a weekend retreat at her place! Those of us who could make it were in for a treat!

I’d been particularly stressed over some family illnesses and drama. I was worried that I’d be distracted and bad company, but getting away with trusted girlfriends was exactly what I needed! I’m so grateful to have such supportive friends!

We had some beautiful hikes, delicious food, and deep conversations. Last year, Cathy and I also enjoyed a getaway weekend at Jill’s.

Getting off the grid with girlfriends is such a joy and a boost to my mental health. I’m so grateful to Jill for sharing this priceless sanctuary and to all my friends for their support and friendship.

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