Aparna Saligrama – Quiet Value Woman

Find out more about Quiet Value Woman and how you can become part of the community.

Aparna Saligrama talks about her new community site: Quiet Value Woman

This week’s guest on my Carpe Diem Connections podcast is Aparna Saligrama, a woman who has a passion for collaborating with other women in discussion, mentorship, and support for one another.

Aparna had long been thinking about creating a community for women, and when Covid hit, she felt that this was the right time. What better time than now to provide additional opportunities for people to gain support and connect with one another?

She created Quiet Value Woman: An Intellectual Lounge for Women. The network is free, yet it provides priceless value. When I first joined, I was supporting a non-profit, Seniors With Skills, started by a young woman who has been helping seniors well before Covid hit. I put out some posts on QVW and received immediate help and advice for the organization.

I’ve found that the people in this network are kind, compassionate, helpful, and supportive. Aparna is an inspiration and I appreciate her dedication in bringing Quiet Value Woman to our ever-changing world.


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