J-Weeks: Journey, Joy, and Jokes

Journey Home

Just today CarpeDM completes the Journey!

It’s time for J-Weeks Jabberwocky! Maybe we should start with some Joints, now that I’m back in Colorado. Just Joshing. Joints aren’t my Jam.

J-Weeks began with my Journey Jetting home to Colorado after a Jolly winter in Florida.

I was Juggling a lot of balls and Jumping through hoops, trying to get my car shipped. After two weeks of bad JuJu, I was finally able to schedule a pickup.

Just today, CARPEDM was Jettisoned from the car carrier and is home with me at last. The driver did an excellent Job and I’m in a much more Jovial mood than I was when the Journey began.

Journaling about Joy

Journaling helped Jog my memory about the many Joys of my Colorado life. In particular, the Juniors who live in Colorado.

Mother’s Day Jubilee

My two weeks home have been Jam-packed with Juicy reunions.

I did Jumping Jacks and Jogged to celebrate my J-Weeks Jaunt through my neighborhood. Reminiscent of the Jacarandas of Florida, there are lilacs of Jordy Blue, filling the air with their perfumed scent.

Lilacs Jazz up my Jog with their sweet scent

A bouquet filled with Jacinthe-colored tulips bring me Joy while I drink a cup of Jo in my Jammies.

I asked the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group for examples of Joy. Answers included Jets, Journeys, Jersey, Jasmine, Joie de Vivre, and Jiving to the Jitterbug.

J-Weeks: Jokes

Jokes were another opportunity for the Carpe Diem Community to Join in with Jocularity.

I liked Kelly’s J-Play, both with Jaywalking and Blue Jay:

Judge and Jury would agree that these Jokes would make any Jester Jealous.

All Joking aside, though J-words are limited, Just one small word is all we need to hit the Jackpot: Joy!

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