The Boulder Ramblers and the Power of Connection

New friends, Jules and Luisa, with invaluable insights

Walking with Boulder Ramblers is a good remedy for the blues

The power of connection is stronger than I realized. As a natural introvert, I often have to talk myself into socializing. This is especially true when I’m in a funk, as I have been lately.

One of the best ways to improve my mood is to hike with friends and one of my favorite walking/hiking groups is the Boulder Ramblers, led by the awesome Darcy Kitching. (Check out this Ice Cream-themed Walk she led last summer!)

The Boulder Ramblers is not just about hiking or walking, it’s about connecting. Darcy does such a wonderful job of facilitating connection. She really has a gift of making everyone feel welcomed and part of her big extended family.

Connecting with two new friends

The first two women I saw as the group gathered were Jules and Luisa. Both were relatively new to Boulder Ramblers and had friendly smiles.

Luisa was sporting a “Pura Vida” cap. Spanish for “Pure Life,” the phrase is used to describe Costa Rica’s culture. Living in Costa Rica is something I’ve been dreaming about for years. I’ve been obsessing about it even more lately, thinking about switching my “snowbird location” from Florida to Costa Rica.

Within 30 minutes of talking to Luisa, she’d given me two super-valuable Costa Rican resources: A Spanish language school, CPI-Spanish, and a Volunteer Organization, CEPIA. Both are in Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste, the very area I’ve been wanting to check out! (Not just because of the “Flamingo” name, either! It’s known for its beautiful beaches and ex-pat community.)

In the course of our conversations, Jules, also, made me aware of more resources that sounded really interesting: A Bolder Women’s Meetup Group and Girl Catch Fire – Finding Meaning in Midlife. Even though I’m a bit past “mid-life,” I know my moodiness is often related to the lack of purpose I feel at this stage of life.

A tool to help us realize our value and purpose

Jules shared a simple yet powerful journaling tool: each morning, write down three things you’re grateful for, and each evening, three things you want to celebrate about the day. This practice helps reinforce our value and purpose, and brainstorm ways to continue pursuing happiness.

Jules recommended using pen and paper, which I find charming. On this first night, however, I’ll “cheat” and use this blog post and publicly celebrate.

The power of connection

It’s amazing how a single morning with the Boulder Ramblers could potentially redirect my life. The resources and ideas shared by Jules and Luisa have filled me with excitement and possibilities, from new Meetups to the prospect of living in Costa Rica.

My celebration journal for tonight includes:

  1. Went to Boulder Ramblers Meetup – Grateful to Darcy for all she does to foster connection and community in this group!
  2. Grateful for my conversation with Luisa about her Costa Rica experience – Explored CPI-Spanish and CEPIA as possibilities for next winter!
  3. Grateful for my conversation with Jules about finding purpose in Midlife and the journaling tool – signed up for upcoming Meetup and learning more about Girl Catch Fire.

Have you found unique ways to lift your spirits? Share your experiences in the comments or in the Carpe Diem Connections Facebook Group!

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