K-Weeks: Kataluma, Kismet, and Kindness

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K-Weeks have been a little KooKy. K’s don’t Kontribute as many words as I’d like, so let’s Kreate a bit of K-os on this post with Krazy, Kool, and Kreative spellings, oK? These two weeks K’s were King! I hope there were Kit-Kats, Klondike bars, and Key lime pies in your Kitchen.


My K-Weeks outing was to Kataluma Chai. I’m Keen on chai and this Kataluma must have Kilos of Kinds available.

I met Irma from Kompassionate Hospice Kare here for a Konversation. I’ve been looking for a way to earn “Karma points” and volunteering for hospice Kare Kould provide that Kurrency. (I once thought about Kreating an app, where one Kould earn and spend “Karma points” through volunteerism.)

( Kudos to my Kick-ass Kind friend, Michael Bolé, who took this photo and is rich in Karma points.)


As I mentioned, K-Weeks were Kind of Kooky and I was thinking of putting a Kabosh on this Kindergarten-like project. Yeah, I was going to Kill the whole Kit and Kaboodle.

Then I went to this Boulder Rambler meetup and spoke to two new Konnections. It was Kismet!

Jules and Luisa were Kindred spirits and were Key in reminding me of ways to Keep my spirits high.

They were like the KooKaburra spreading a message of Kumbaya.


The Keyword – the King of all K-words, of Kourse, is Kindness. Yes, it seems each letter has at least one Killer Kick-ass word. Starting with G we have Gratitude, Happiness, Intention, Joy, and now, Kindness!

There is so much Kindness in this world, that I Know I often take for granted. I spend so much time Katastrophizing about what might happen that I Kan miss the Kindness.

There was this Kool Krochet for Kindness site that I disKovered today.

My Karpe Diem Konnections site is always full of Kind Komments like these two from Kelly and M’Lady maKivor!

Elizabethe’s Grateful Gathering, and my friend, BecKy, Kreated a Kind space for me to share the grief I was feeling on the 27th anniversary of my bother’s death.

I’m surrounded by Kind Kohorts, Kompanions, Kids, and Kin. Using the last 5 Killer words:

When I’m Intentional about my Gratitude for Kindness, I’m filled with Happiness and Joy! And you know what all this is Leading to? L-weeks, and that means Love!

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