L-Weeks: Lovely Ladies, Lilacs, and Laughter


Lovely Ladies Lounging

L-Weeks were w”L”comed in with a “Lovely Ladies Lounging” get-together. We usually call this GGG – Girls Gathering Greatly. But Last week we were LLLs, We were Lounging Luxuriously, Lazily Lollygagging, Loafing, Lurking, and Laughing. Yes, we raised more than a Little L.

ELLE’s Belles!

We Looked Lovely for our “ELLE” photo-shoot. Whether Light-weight, Loose, Lavender, or “L”-egant, we were Laudable Ladies.

Lasagna, Latkes on Lettuce, Little meatbaLLs, a Loaf of bread, Licorice, Lemonade, Lacroix, and even Lavender chocolates were on the Lavish List of foods and Libations.

Lilacs and Lavender

Lucious Lilacs

Isn’t it Lucky that the Lilacs were Lush during none other than the week we were celebrating the Letter L? I absolutely Love the sweet fragrance of Lilacs and Lament that the Lucious aroma doesn’t Last Longer.

Last year, I sent a few Lilac Letters, and I decided to make this an annu”L” tradition.

Lilac Love Letters

These Little Lilac Love Letters are Lavender-scented and Light-hearted. I Like that they’re “L”ementary, yet Like a Little Locket of Love.


2004 L-Weeks

Long ago (2004), my “L-Weeks Field Trip” was with my sons, Matt and Scotty, and we went to Lakeside Amusement Park. I’d hoped to reLive that experience by going with my grandchiLdren today, the fin”L” day of our tribute to the Letter L.

Instead we were very Lazy aLL day and did very Little. We did Laugh quite a Lot, which is even better than going to Lakeside.

And, as usu”L,” my Carpe Diem Connections Facebook group provided Laughter and Levity to my weeks.

I asked:

As a Logophile, I Love Learning about the English Lexicon and I Learned a new L-word today: Lucullan – it means Luxurious and Lavish! Let me know what L-words you Like?

Responses included:

Rising contributor, Heidi, also added this Haiku:

Lingering long

A lackadaisical day

Lazy and lovely


That Literally describes this Last day of L-Weeks! Living Life Lackadaisically!

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