M-Weeks: Memories, Music, & Merriment

My, My! Many Magnificent Memories Materialized in these two weeks that Mark the Mid-Year. I don’t want to Modify My Methods, but I have a Multitude of iMages Marking Many Memorable Microadventures so photos will be My Main Media.


Mirror image of the Monday Matinee Movie.

Miniatures Made Meticulously to coM”M”erate Marriage of Mom and dad

Mentalist Magician and Mind-reader, Alec Mueller, perforMs in longMont

Meandering through Meadows with a view of Magnificent Mountains

Mighty Moon-rise from the Mountain Mansion of My Munificent friend, Tina.

Modeling My Modern Cister gear with Michaela for Pride Month

Mushroom-themed Myco Cafe with Cathy. Medicinal Mushrooms are Magical.

Meeting with Man-friend discussing Monk Meditation and Miracles


Musical (Frozen) at the Buell with Mini-Megan (Reneya)

Musicians perforMing Mountain Melodies and More

More Music by Marvelous Musicians, Sage & Aera.


It’s time to Mention of My CarpeD”M” Connections Facebook group. I love the Mischief and Mirth and the Many creative Messages that Materialize as a result of the “M”boldened letter.

Heidi McClean Made a Mellifluous haiku. My friend, Becky, eMailed a guided Meditation. There were Many sweet shares of Memories and photos, including this one from Ms. McClendon who I Met in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico! (She looks just like Mandy Moore!)

Many More Members Mentioned Memories.


Midway through the year, we Seized the ‘M’ (Carpe de M) with Memories, Music, and Merriment. Musing about the Marvelous Memories has Moved Me with “M”otion – I feel Moxie and Mojo that sometimes go Missing. Let’s continue to “M”brace Memories and Make New ones Next week iN N-Weeks!

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