Microadventures #51-57: Boulder Area Hiking

I’m not nearly as attentive to my “Microadventures” when I’m home in Colorado as I am when I’m traveling. I just get so wrapped up in errands, house projects, cleaning, and every day life, that I forget to get out and do something special.

But wait a minute. Hiking in beautiful scenery is special! I guess the fact that I do it so often has made me downgrade its “specialness.” I realize it’s something I’ve been taking for granted!

One of the things that I enjoy most about Colorado in the summer, is hiking and seeing the colorful wildflowers. I feel so grateful that I’ve been feeling healthy and I’ve been able to get out and hike quite often this month!

So here are pictures of the June hikes I took that were made even more special because I did them with Meetup groups and friends.

Microadventure #51: June 11: Land Listening Walk at Coot Lake with Kelly Mullen
Microadventure #52: June 14: Foothills Community Park Walk with Boulder Ramblers
Microadventure #53: June 23: Fitness Walk with Boulder Ramblers
Microadventure #54: June 26 NCAR / Skunk Canyon Trail with Ursula
Microadventure #55: June 27 – FourMile Canyon Creek / Old Kiln Trail with Glenn
Microadventure #56 – June 28 Coalton Trail with Bonnie. (Oops, we didn’t get a selfie!)
Microadventure #57: June 30 – Chautauqua with Scott
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