Microadventures #58-70: Summertime Fun

Today’s series of Microadventures, similar to the last post, are “typical” summertime activities – going to summer concerts, get-togethers, or going out to eat. I have to admit, I didn’t make much effort with the pictures (and I’m certainly taking the easy way out with the blog post). In a way, this feels a little like “cheating”.. I need to get back to a dedicated blog post for each Microadventure.

Even though I’m taking the lazy way out with a quick blog post, I don’t want to take my friends or any of these fun experiences for granted.

Microadventure #58: Celebrating my birthday (a few months late) at Panera with tons of purple / flamingo gifts from Michael B!
Microadventure #59: Hosting GGG (Girls Gathering Greatly) at my house on National Sunglasses Day!
Microadventure #60: Dancing at Nissis with “Q”
Microadventure #61: Reneya’s Idea: “Hey Grandma! I know what we can do for your next Microadventure! IHOP!”
Microadventure #62: Dancing at St Julien’s to VooDoo Lily with Susan and Mark
Microadventure #63: Listening to the Long Run (Eagles Cover Band) at Louisville Community Park with Cathy, Q, Jaka, Susan, and Mark
Microadventure #64: Girl’s Poker Night with Tina and some of her friends
Microadventure #65: Listening to “Francis and the Wolf” (and chatting with lead singer) at the Superior Community Center 4th of July BBQ.
Microadventure #66: Fourth of July Party and Fireworks from the Balcony thanks to Rebecca R. and her friends.
Microadventure #67: Open Mic Night at Niwot Wheel House with friends
Microadventure #68: Niwot Tavern and Dancing Under the Stars in Niwot with Jill
Microadventure #69: Wildflower Hike in Nederland with Steve
Microadventure #70: Retirement Party for Karen at Lafayette Whitetail Park

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