Microadventure #46: Home Exchange Casita in San Miguel de Allende with Julie and George

Our charming casita and hosts in San Miguel de Allende

We arrived at our Home Exchange in San Miguel de Allende at about 8pm after a 4 hours bus-ride from Mexico City.

This was the first experience using Home Exchange for both Chris and me (in fact, I didn’t even have an account yet) and we really hit the jackpot!

Julie and George were extremely friendly and personable! That first night, Julie had our room beautifully prepared, welcoming us with a bouquet of fresh, red roses. Since it was already pretty late and Chris had to get some work done, she brought over some food from her kitchen so we could prepare our own dinner without having to go into town.

Our casita felt like a historic art museum with beautiful skylights and brick ceiling.

There was a cute, private patio for us to enjoy, sometimes with their friendly cats greeting us with meows and rubbing up against our legs.

The casita was at the top of a a big cobblestone street that led right into downtown San Miguel de Allende. There were bright purply-pink bougainvillea, one of my favorite flowering plants everywhere!

The weather, scenery, and casita couldn’t have been more beautiful! I’d recently watched Disney’s Encanto and even though that’s supposed to have taken place in Colombia, it absolutely reminded me of colorful San Miguel de Allende.

But, once again, the real treasure was getting to know George and Julie. Our casita was just one part of their massive home. They invited us over to chat the morning after we arrived, and, as it turned out, that was Julie’s birthday!

We bought some little cakes and invited them to watch the moon set that night. (They have this awesome rooftop and moonsets are one of Chris’s passions.)

They rushed home from their dinner with young friends. Unfortunately, we just missed the moonset, but, instead we all had a little party in their beautiful home.

George and Julie are world-travelers with so much knowledge and intellectual curiosity. They talked to us about some of their experiences and gave us some recommendations about where to eat and what to do in town.

I’ve kept in touch with Julie over Whatsapp and she’s passed along the contact information about two Boulder women who stayed with them. And who knows? Maybe some day George and Julie will be my guests and we’ll all have another party in my Boulder-area home!

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