Red, Blue or Purple – The Election Brought Anxiety to All

Wow! This was a stressful week. And while, personally, I’m deeply relieved by the outcome, the results were much closer than I’d expected. My news feeds and social circle would have me believe that Biden would be an easy fact, I had thought it would be a landslide. But the results open my eyes … Continue reading “Red, Blue or Purple – The Election Brought Anxiety to All”

The Joy Makeover Spinoffs – Season 2 of Carpe Diem Connections

Summary I’m loving participating in the Joy Makeover and I bet you would, too! In Season 2 of Carpe Diem Connections we’ll be doing our own deep dive into finding Joy, starting with finding Joy in the election season!  History About 12 weeks ago I started a podcast, Carpe Diem Connections. I’d procrastinated because I knew nothing about podcasting and … Continue reading “The Joy Makeover Spinoffs – Season 2 of Carpe Diem Connections”

Calling All Single Snowbirds!

Come join my new group: Carpe Diem – Single Snowbirds if you’re single and like to enjoy warm weather in the winter. Whether for a quick vacation or the whole winter, I’m trying to form a network of singles who are retired or close to retirement who like to travel to warm weather places in … Continue reading “Calling All Single Snowbirds!”

So long, Sarasota

My time here in beautiful Sarasota is nearing an end. Here are some of the good things I’m grateful for during this unexpected lockdown: My friend, Becky, for sharing her lovely home and life with me My friend, Brian, for singing Shallow (with my rewritten lyrics!) The beautiful weather I’ve enjoyed the whole time I’ve … Continue reading “So long, Sarasota”