K-Weeks: Kataluma, Kismet, and Kindness

K-Weeks have been a little KooKy. K’s don’t Kontribute as many words as I’d like, so let’s Kreate a bit of K-os on this post with Krazy, Kool, and Kreative spellings, oK? These two weeks K’s were King! I hope there were Kit-Kats, Klondike bars, and Key lime pies in your Kitchen. Kataluma My K-Weeks … Continue reading “K-Weeks: Kataluma, Kismet, and Kindness”

Seizing the Solar Eclipse: A Joyful Adventure in Austin with Felicia

Solar Eclipse: An Epic Carpe Diem Experience Were you one of those people who had been waiting for April 8th, 2024 since 2017? I missed “totality” at the last eclipse and was told by all my friends who’d experienced it that it was “Totality Cool!” Now, mostly-retired, and the owner of Carpe Diem Day, I … Continue reading “Seizing the Solar Eclipse: A Joyful Adventure in Austin with Felicia”

G-Weeks: Goodness, Gardner, God and Groups

Websites Spreading Goodness As we Gather to Give our Goodbyes to G-Weeks, I want to first Galvanize this Group by making you aware of websites spreading Goodness. The homepage of CarpeDiemDay.Com lists a Group of Great Websites including: I could Gush about the Gallery of Game-changing content in these Gazettes. They are Gems that remind … Continue reading “G-Weeks: Goodness, Gardner, God and Groups”

E-Weeks: Elderberries, Escape Room, Ego and Engagement

Even though I initially felt a sense of Ennui about my alphabet-inspired Endeavors, thEEse wEEks have been EEsy. Sure, it’s a bit Embarrassing that it’s such an Elementary Exercise, but without Exception, I Encounter some Enigmatic Energy that I’ll try to Explain. The Elderberries E-Weeks began on February 26, which was also Carpe Diem Day … Continue reading “E-Weeks: Elderberries, Escape Room, Ego and Engagement”

B-Weeks: Bradenton Beach, Belonging and Being

To B or not to B: that is the question: Whether ’tis Bolder of the Brain to Blog And Brag of Beauty with Bountiful Beat Or to Break free from this Bewildering Banter That Bothers readers with Boring Buzz? But were the Bard here to Bewitch and Blend Blues with Brights, Bonds with Braids Bitter … Continue reading “B-Weeks: Bradenton Beach, Belonging and Being”

May Goal: Learn to be an AARP Benefits Badass!

The Year of Learning in Retirement 2023 is my year of learning. Each month, I pick a new “focus” or theme and write a blog post at the end of the month with a summary of what I learned. Learning these subjects is a little bit different when we’re in retirement. We don’t feel the … Continue reading “May Goal: Learn to be an AARP Benefits Badass!”

2023 Tuesdays with BB & Yvy #1: Robinson Preserve

Last year I blogged at least once a week about my Microadventures. This year I’ve been going with “Healthy Aging” as my loosey-goosey theme. I’ve also thought about blogging each week about someone I admire. I can do a twofer with this post by blogging about Becky and how she contributes to my brain health! … Continue reading “2023 Tuesdays with BB & Yvy #1: Robinson Preserve”

2022: A Year of Microadventures

It’s getting late on New Year’s Eve and I’m enjoying a tradition that I’ve grown to love – quiet reflection about the events of the past year as I peruse my photos, journals, and blog posts. Last year my New Years Resolution was to have at least one “Microadventure” a week with at least one … Continue reading “2022: A Year of Microadventures”