May Goal: Learn to be an AARP Benefits Badass!

The Year of Learning in Retirement 2023 is my year of learning. Each month, I pick a new “focus” or theme and write a blog post at the end of the month with a summary of what I learned. Learning these subjects is a little bit different when we’re in retirement. We don’t feel the … Continue reading “May Goal: Learn to be an AARP Benefits Badass!”

2023 Tuesdays with BB & Yvy #1: Robinson Preserve

Last year I blogged at least once a week about my Microadventures. This year I’ve been going with “Healthy Aging” as my loosey-goosey theme. I’ve also thought about blogging each week about someone I admire. I can do a twofer with this post by blogging about Becky and how she contributes to my brain health! … Continue reading “2023 Tuesdays with BB & Yvy #1: Robinson Preserve”

2022: A Year of Microadventures

It’s getting late on New Year’s Eve and I’m enjoying a tradition that I’ve grown to love – quiet reflection about the events of the past year as I peruse my photos, journals, and blog posts. Last year my New Years Resolution was to have at least one “Microadventure” a week with at least one … Continue reading “2022: A Year of Microadventures”

Microadventure #91: Into the Woods at Arvada Center for the Arts with Reneya

One shared passion I have with my granddaughter, Reneya, is a love of Musical Theater. I’m so excited that she not only loves being in the audience, but she’s a very talented performer! I can’t wait to see her future performances! In the mean time, it’s fun to be able to share being in the … Continue reading “Microadventure #91: Into the Woods at Arvada Center for the Arts with Reneya”

Microadventure #76: Pearl Street and Gilded Goat with Steve & Lisa

Similar to my last microadventure, this one involved visitors! My friends Steve and Lisa from Minnesota were in Colorado to attend Steve’s daughter’s wedding in Ft. Collins, and they combined it with a visit to my house! The day they arrived, we relaxed with some ice tea and talked on my patio and went out … Continue reading “Microadventure #76: Pearl Street and Gilded Goat with Steve & Lisa”

Microadventures #32-#33 Poetry with Pat Williams Owen

Poetry! I love it. It’s like a puzzle that gives you that extra sense of satisfaction when completed. More than a puzzle – it’s wordplay. Wordplay combines two of my favorite things: Words and Play! Though poetry might not always be considered “playful,” I find it intriguing in its nuanced subtlety. So, of course, when … Continue reading “Microadventures #32-#33 Poetry with Pat Williams Owen”